Tribe Nine
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga
Author Kodaka Kazutake
Artist Komatsuzaki Rui, Shima Doriru, Miyako Nagi, Hoshi Mitsuru
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Tribe Nine

Synopsis Tribe Nine

[From the creators of Danganronpa, Akudama Drive as well as an Anime Adaptation of the same name!]

A battle action story based on the original work by “Too Kyo Games”. The creative team is led by the creator of “Danganronpa”, Kodaka Kazutake!

In the year 20xx, Neo Tokyo Country: Young people who despaired and gave up on society formed “Tribes” to create a place where they belong. As the war between Tribes intensified, The Neo-Tokyo government took action, and limited the war between the tribes into a sports called “Extreme Baseball”, commonly known as XB Throwing, hitting and brawling. The young crowd put their pride on the line, and was addicted to the extremity of this game.

As time passed— Shirogane Haru, who was always bullied due to his defeatist temperament. Taiga, who travelled across the sea to become the strongest man alive. They both met up with Kamiya Shun, the strongest XB player and the leader of the Minato Tribe. “I want to change myself!” “I just want to be the strongest man alive” [I just want to enjoy XB”

To prove their determination, Haru, Taiga, and Kamiya stood on the field of XB! The Tokyo extreme battle begins!

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